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Re: [PLUG] Spamassassin Bayes Question - Where is the Database? Is it Working?

On Sun, 31 Jul 2016 18:19:28 -0400
Greg Helledy <> wrote:
> I ended up turning off Bayes, after multiple occasions where mail 
> delivery stopping because spamd had just ground to a halt.  You can
> set the system to deliver mail without scanning if spamd is
> unavailable, which I thought would prevent mail delivery from
> depending on spamassassin running properly, but spamd was still
> running and reported itself available, just had stopped actually
> processing.
> We're now relying solely on the rules-based processing.  Have you
> ever run without Bayes?  Do you feel that Bayes provides a
> significant improvement over relying on the rules?
never mind performance (which truly sucks under load/attack)
in small ISP's the money buys the whiskey and when Bayes dropped
below 30% and we still could not effectively bounce on score, it just
makes no sense. We run it on border email and it is now part of
scoring, email throughput is much faster, we have internal dns cache
(as the zones range between 2 and 4 million  +- 200-300Mb)  and the temp
files re under 15Mb! - so super quick - we share spam data with trusted
others (automagically) 

So, it is about speed, performance, and no/little spam/virus/phish/scams
(and money - fewer servers combines with higher service levels & quality)
the isp game has become extremely competitive and now that our
business clients are used to email being so quick we have had
cancellations that return, simply because the other host took 5 minutes
for sent email to arrive :) 

Anyway, Malcolms answer to the original question was much better than
mine, I have become negative about sa - and as to the question is it
working - yes, it is probably working... imho just not that well...



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