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Re: [PLUG] vaguely related

In the message dated: Mon, 08 Aug 2016 10:28:41 -0400,
The pithy ruminations from jeff on 
<[PLUG] vaguely related> were:
=> I've got some hash (not that kind) in my house.
=> Every hour or so, I get horrible distortion and noise in most of my 

Every hour or so? Hmmm... What's the scheduled path for the surveillance
overflight in _your_ neighborhood? Mine is much more frequent.

The next time this happens, I suggest you rush outside and look for the
black helicopter overhead. Of course, if you don't see one, then they've
upgraded your sector to the new stealth which case, seeing
nothing means they are certainly there.

=> audio/video equipment - except my laptop, which is plugged in to AC. The 
=> odd bit is that the laptop's external monitor is affected.
=> I don't think everything's on the same circuit and I have no (on 
=> purpose) transmitters. Next step is to start unplugging stuff to see if 
=> it's generating the hash.
=> Maybe I've discovered that I'm being irradiated or RF'd - they ARE out 
=> to get me. But not my laptop.

Nah, the laptop's just a little more resistant to the RF, so you don't
see the same symptom. However, some bits are getting flipped on the
hard drive.

On a more serious note, even if things aren't on the same circuit,
in residential wiring it's very likely that the house is all on the
same phase. It's not unheard-of (particularly during times of high
electrical load) for the utility to have phase problems. Most often
you'd get other symptoms.

It could also be a nearby source of really noisy RF (bad ham radio,
welder, etc), but the frequency (recurrance) of the problem suggests
something else. Also, it would take some really bad RF to affect the
external monitor on your laptop, so I'd suspect bad power.

What about something like a programmable thermostat (ie. the hourly
frequency) turning on a central air conditioner, dehumidifier, sump-pump
etc, and causing a voltage drop?

Do you have a good digital volt meter, preferably one that can record
peak/low and Hz? If so, plug it in to an AC outlet and check the readings
just after an event -- that'll help distinguish between bad power and RF.


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