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Re: [PLUG] Setting up a Windows Printer to print to accept print jobs over VPN

I can do that but when I work at Home I am on a remote server (SCO 5.0,6) over the VPN. So to print form that server I need to have the printer available using lpr. At $WORK I usually have the printers setup via HP Printer manager using port 9100 but since I am on the a remote network connecting via the VPN the printer will have to be on a machine running the NetExtender VPN client. I can't do that on a printer. 

I just tried to install the netextender on my Raspeberry Pi which has the printer in question attached to it but the version I got from $WORK is for an i686 and the Pi is i386.

The more I try this the more I think I will have to grab a Spare Juniper out of the parts bin at $WORK and setup my own little network connecting to $WORK. 

As I type this they just sent me the 32 bit version so I can try that route one more time.

On Wed, Aug 24, 2016 at 1:07 PM, Keith C. Perry <> wrote:
As long as your printer works at home via IP (either directly or through Windows if you are sharing out a printer- do you have printer sharing turn on and the right firewall setting in Windows?) then printing over the VPN will work as long that traffic is not filters.

I have a Brother MFC printer on my office net and if I'm out of the office and need to print, I just bring up my VPN before I do it.

The same would be true for you RPi as a printer server.  As long as you can print locally via IP and your VPN allows the traffic you should be fine.

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Keith C. Perry, MS E.E.

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Subject: [PLUG] Setting up a Windows Printer to print to accept print jobs        over VPN

I am setting up my home office and connect to $WORK via a VPN through the Dell Sonicwall Netextender. I would like to setup my home printer as a printer on the VPN network. Would it be possible to have the printer on my Windows 7 machine be available for my UNIX (SCO OpenServer) servers to print to. Our WAN guys say my account is setup that it should accept print jobs to the IP address I am assigned when I log into the VPN. 
My issue is setting up the Windows 7 machine so the printer will be able to see the requests.

I installed the Unix Print services for Windows on my Windows machine and can see the LPR port available but when I go to set it up it asks for the ip address of the server. I am unsure if I put the IP of my WIndows machine or the IP I get when I connect to the VPN.

On the flip side I am wondering if I just try to use my Raspberry Pi as a print server connecting to my $WORK network with the VPN. 

John J. Boris, Sr.

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