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Re: [PLUG] Convert VirtualBox to QEMU

The ova format is specific to VB for importing/exporting appliances.  You don't need that for QEMU to run VB since QEMU can directly run the native vdi format (or vmdk format if you choose that).  For what its worth, I have VM's on a Windows workstation that I sometimes boot via a flash drive and then run that same VB vm with QEMU.  So you can go back and forth without any issues.

If you really want to convert all you need to do is:

qemu-img convert -O qcow2 somevm.vdi somevm.qcow2

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I have a couple of VirtualBox VMs (.ova files) that I'd like to run on
my QEMU but I have no idea how to convince it to run them.
I tried just importing them as an existing image which told me that the
disk is not bootable.
Has anyone got any pointers on how to convert these .ova's to something
qemu/kvm can use?

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