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[PLUG] PC-BSD rebrands itself as TrueOS, tracks FreeBSD-CURRENT

Earlier this year I was looking around for a distribution of linux to put on a new laptop. I wanted something that was well suited to being "desktop linux", had KDE available, and didn't include systemd.

My reading led me to also consider PC-BSD, which I tested out in a VM. Things seemed to be going along ok (for an unfamiliar OS) until it prompted me to perform a system update (going from release 10.1 to 10.2) at which point it deleted its GUI and left me sitting at a command prompt without any idea of what to do.

At that point I gave up on it, but did wonder what I did so wrong. Today there's an article on Slashdot, addressing PC-BSD's name change. The comments have been insightful for me, in that I'm far from the only person who experienced things like this with PC-BSD.

Besides the name change, they are also going to be tracking the FreeBSD-CURRENT release, which is the most cutting-edge one. To me, that's not what you'd want to do for a desktop OS.

I thought this information might be helpful to others in my position:
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