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We use VISTA/CPRS at my organization, not sure if its like EPIC, but I have been hearing alot more about it lately at the VA.

On Tue, Sep 27, 2016 at 6:17 PM, Charlie Li <> wrote:
On 27/09/16 18:04, Keith C. Perry wrote:
> What Doug Stewart said.  I know very few people that "like" EPIC.  Its
> tolerated because it has a long history in this area.  I try to push
> smaller offices to consider GNU Health or other solutions but so far no
> one has been pressed to move.  Feels like a lock-in syndrome and "the
> devil you know".
Or maybe they're worried about being not HIPAA-compliant in even the
slightest of ways, because you land and drown in shit creek when that

This reminds me why barely(?) anyone knows of any open source tax software…

Charlie Li
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