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[PLUG] Request for mobile application programmers


I have a couple of mobile application development projects coming up and I wanted to reach out here to see if anyone had experience in that space.  I need more experienced people on this one, especially those who have developed applications for BOTH Android OS and iOS devices.

This is project work, NOT employment.  I would expect the work effort to initially be around 10 per week with an ability to be able to remotely demo milestones of completed work (e.g. Google Hangouts) to myself, the project owner (my client) and possibly other stakeholders.  Payments will be disbursed based on completed milestones.  Any server (i.e. backend database, api repository, etc.) resources I will provide since I will be a building the application infrastructure and creating the HTML5 screens for the application (where necessary).

If selected, you will be required to sign an NDA.

If interested, please email me an email off-list and **briefly** describe your experience as well as your desired hourly rate.  There is no need to attach a resume at this time.

For those of you who are junior or hobbyist mobile developers (meaning that you have already developed a working application for yourself) you can also send me a message if you want to be considered for future projects.  Just please note that somewhere in your response so I can put you on a separate list.

Thanks in advance for all responses.  I'll be at PLUG Central tonight so feel free to talk to me then.

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