Casey Bralla on 14 Dec 2016 13:30:14 -0800

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[PLUG] Solved!: Symlink Problem

On Wednesday, December 14, 2016 03:50:19 PM brent timothy saner wrote:
> On 12/14/2016 03:13 PM, prushik wrote:
> > Sounds like you created the /docs directory before making the symlink.
> > If you do that ln assumes /doc is the destination dir for the new
> > symlink, not the name and path for the symlink.
> This is exactly what happened. Per original post:
> "I've created a directy[sic] '/docs' and am trying to symlink it
> to '/files/document'..."
> Casey, when symlinking a directory, do not create the "destination" as a
> directory first.
> The correct procedure would be:
> rm /docs/document  # remove the symlink erroneously created
> rmdir /docs  # remove the now-empty directory
> ln -s /files/document /docs

Thanks for all the help, guys!

Brent and Prushik were correct that I had created the "/docs" directory first, 
then symlinked it.  

Also, as Thomas pointed out, adding the trailing "/" lets me see the files 


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