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Re: [PLUG] XKCD: Team Chat

On 01/07/2017 10:56 AM, Casey Bralla wrote:
> On Saturday, January 07, 2017 10:19:08 AM Christopher Barry wrote:
>> The cloud is mindlessly wrong. IoT is phenomenally risky and stupid -
>> really it's a train wreck in slow motion. WTF are we doing? We're really
>> heading the wrong way. Just because it /can/ be done does not mean it's
>> a valid or intelligent reason to do it.
> I agree 100%.  The cloud is the latest fad, but it will (I hope) come 
> crumbling down once people live through the pain of the lack of security.

"Security? What more security do you need? We, your Feudal Lords, are
keeping you safe. Don't ask any more questions because the world is
complex and only we are sophisticated enough to understand it. You'd
never get it. Just resign to your place in the world as it currently is
& will remain ...and keep the rent coming, by the way!"

Schneier isn't always right, but he's got a point in this article:

Those who do not know history, etc...

It took a while for the feudal system to undo itself, I'm less
optimistic than you, Casey... :(

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