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[PLUG] Some new, old, and new old regional Linux mailing lists

The following mailing lists are now hosted

novalug		Northern Virginia LUG
dclug		Washington DC LUG
fredlug  	Fredericksburg VA LUG
ma-linux	Mid-Atlantic Linux users
ma-jobs		Mid-Atlantic IT jobs (mostly open-source, 'nix)

NoVaLUG has been hosted here for a couple of years.  The latter four
have just been revived after about a six-month hiatus following the demise
of the servers at  Existing subscribers (where that could
be determined) are being invited to join the new versions.

"Mid-Atlantic" means something like "Philly to Research Triangle Park,
coast to Appalachians".

ma-jobs is for people hiring and people looking to be hired.  There
are rules [1]: see the link below.

ma-linux provides a way for 'nix folks across the region to interact.

All lists are run by Mailman and thus have a home page that you can
use to subscribe/unsubscribe/find the archives/etc.  Example:

All lists also have a -request address (which provides equivalent
subscribe/unsubscribe capability, lets you set options, etc.) and
a -owner address (which connects you to the person running them).
All lists require a confirmed opt-in process for what I trust
are obvious reasons.  DMARC mitigation is enabled -- sorry, it's
a necessary evil at the moment.

Archives have been backfilled as much as possible but are still
a work-in-progress.


[1] They're more like guidelines anyway.
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