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Re: [PLUG] "Most Secure" heh heh

Yeah, I was just kidding, I have no idea really, its been such a long time since I have touched anything Windows I have no idea what that world is like anymore. I do know how easy it is to find security holes in pretty much all software, especially software that targets non-technical users and keeps its internals hidden. Its the perfect environment for an attacker.

That being said, I do believe Microsoft wants to run a filter on everything you do with your computer, although incompetence runs rampant in the industry more than ever, which easily explains this, MS is searching for a way to restrict what you install and do with your computer and justify it. At this point its likely to come in the form of more emphasis on mobile platforms like arm based tablets which are already locked down to the point of being unusable for real work.

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On Thu, Mar 2, 2017 at 11:18 AM, prushik <> wrote:
> Its an obvious false flag operation. MS releases an OS thats more insecure
> than ever but can be fixed by removing admin rights. Next, Microsoft removes
> everybody's admin rights in the name of security and now everybody is a
> slave to MS. Android works with no admin rights, why not a desktop OS? What
> do users need admin rights for anyway? Nothing that microsoft approves of.

Windows already has a higher privilege level than admin for trusted
media/etc, so I'm not sure what this really would gain them.  And
Intel/AMD both offer effectively a higher level of privilege than that
in their trusted platform implementations.

This is just incompetence.  MS doesn't gain anything from blocking
users from the admin account on their own machines, because they
already have a secure environment it can't touch.

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