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Re: [PLUG] openATTIC?

Thanks Lee, that's about what I got out of the docs too. It's not my call, it's IT at $WORK, but I was wondering if anyone had run into it. Guess not.

On 02/25/2017 11:10 AM, Lee H. Marzke wrote:
Interesting find.

Just reading the docs,

It seems to be package based and installs on Debian Jessie, RHEL7, Ubuntu 14.04, etc.
Supports ZFS, Linux LVM,  DRBD,  Ceph object storage.

After living with some bugs in FreeNAS that caused random crashes ( 1 / week ) , I'd be
concerned about stability for any new project.   My FreeNAS is now stable on 9.10.  FYI
the FreeNAS 10 is at Beta 2,  and has much more support for BSD jails.

My use case is running numerous VMware ESXi VM's stablity is important to me.  If you need
object storage or are not running VMware ESX this may not be important to you.

My older FreeNAS unit would crash ( may have been related to a single plug-in jail I was using ), and
after it rebooted the ESXi VM's would recover and I never new about the problem for a few months.
Seems my combination of NFS hard mounts to ESXi ,  and Sync writes, allowed ESXi VM's to
pick up where they left and were pretty much un-affected by FreeNAs being down for 10 min.

I'd think that supporting one OS build would be more likely to be stable than supporting
a bunch of OS's with packages.

OpenAttic seems to have more features than FreeNAS ,  but I don't know if that is a benefit or not,  as your not
likely to use more than a few of the storage systems.

FreeNAS doesn't have DRBD,  but of course has ZFS send/receive.

A quick look at OpenAttic  shows no support listed for ZFS snapshot replication ( other than the base command-line ZFS send
command )  Replication requires orchestration of creating snaps,  replication and deleting them, so you would have to write
all this yourself or find a solution that plugs into OpenAttic.   Seem like a lot of usability features are just missing - but
I'd have to look at the real GUI to be sure.   Perhaps they may add these features in time.

From a quick look at the GUI preview, it seem to only report disks/pools,  so I assume all change are done via
the command line.  The GUI download says it's in development (  so  you have to ask what kind of bugs show up when
the gui and other parts are released seperately )

For backup/replication of FreeNAS,  I've been using ,  as they switched their whole infrastructure over to
ZFS,  and now provide ZFS snapshot replication ( that works transparently with FreeNAS ).   Their entry level 1TB account
supports this now.  So you cat get real SAN replication ( with guest quiesce )  to a low cost rsync account for very low cost.

FreeNAs has integration with vSphere API's for those who care.   For instance FreeNAS snapshots can trigger a prior vSPhere snap
which triggers a OS quiese via VMware Tools  in Windows or linux guests.   So you FreeNAs snaps may be able to get consistent
copies of running DB's.


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Anyone using or heard of

openATTIC — the only storage system you'll ever need
create and manage storage ... with open source on linux ... via a simple
user interface

I've used before and that worked very well.
openATTIC seems slicker in some ways, but it's installed on top of a
random Linux OS, not basically a FreeBSD appliance like FreeNAS is.


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