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Re: [PLUG] BogoMIPS Replacement

On 15/03/17 18:52, Casey Bralla wrote:
> As my hand-me-down computer list grows longer (all my relatives know to give 
> me their old computers instead of throwing them away), I'm looking for a 
> simple method to record their relative speeds.
> I could use BogoMIPS, but everybody knows that they are not very realistic, 
> but is there an equally easy-to-obtain performance benchmark that could be 
> used as a better subtitute?  (I need a non-Bogo-MIPS measurement.)
> Anybody got any suggestions?
If you've ever read Phoronix, you'll know that they have their own open
source benchmarking software called Phoronix Test Suite. The stuff I've
seen published with it looks pretty comprehensive; some tests include
Apache serving performance, SciMark, timed compiles and many more.

Charlie Li
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