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Re: [PLUG] Fix raid on a desktop

Depends on the raid controller. Probably something has gone wrong with the array.

What raid controller, what array type (3 disks could be 0+spare, 1+spare, 5), etc.

Need more info.

On Mar 30, 2017, 11:29 -0400, Anthony Martin <>, wrote:
Quick question since I have never played around with it and this system has important data on it. A system had 3 1TB drives setup in a raid as a single 1TB drive. After we did a reinstall on the system (os drive was a single 500GB drive) the OS could still see and mount the raid. A couple days ago the user was no longer able to see the raid and both bios and a live usb were unable to see the drives. The system has 8 drive bays. Starting from the bottom going up the bays are labeled 0-7. Original was (x=empty, rd=raid disk, od=os disk) 0-x, 1-rd, 2-rd, 3-rd, 4-x, 5-x, 6-x, 7-od. I tried moving the os drive to bay0 and the bios could not see it. I moved the os back to bay 7 and moved bays 1-3 to bays 4-6 (kept the ordering of disk the same). The bios and os now see three seperate drives. So the question is is it possible to rebuild the raid without risking data loss.

Anthony Martin

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