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Re: [PLUG] plug Digest, Vol 150, Issue 9

Appreciate the comments George!  Charlie Li has been recording meetings as well so I can't take all the credit :D

As far as an index.  I've been matching the posted titles on the PLUG website with my announcements here.  You should be able to search for that tile in the current month or the month after to find the G+ link. The link you need is:

It seems to take a while for things to be indexed.  For instance, if you use the search bar for "non-relational postgres" Bruce talk from last year comes up not the one I just posted.  If probably easy just to look at the threads and do a find on page from your browser.

If you ever can't find something feel free to email me directly or post to the list.  There are times where I have to do some editing (like for PLUG Central this month) and that slows down the process of posting or I just get busy and something gets missed.

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Mucho thanks to Keith Perry for making these available. 

It is greatly appreciated by us urbanistas, who have a hard
time getting to West and North; and I'm sure likewise by the

Is there an index?  I find G+ a little hard to navigate. 

George Zipperlen 
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