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Re: [PLUG] What's the best way to share a partition between windows and linux in 2017?

This has been very helpful, thanks to everyone for your advice!

I formatted a 1GB USB drive as exFAT on the windows (7) machine and plugged it into the linux machine (Mint 17.0 using KDE). It recognized the device but when I went to mount it it produced an error, to the effect that it could not handle an exfat file system.

After a quick search I installed packages exfat-fuse and exfat-utils. Then I could mount the drive with no problem. I copied and deleted an 850 MB file, and a folder full of smaller files, on this new exFAT partition.

I then fired up an application called "USB Stick Formatter"--not sure if that's specific to KDE or Mint. It gave me the choice to format my drive to: vfat, NTFS or ext4 (but still no exfat). I decided to go with NTFS. Once that was done, I copied and deleted the same 850 MB file and folder of smaller files. I didn't do anything to time it, but speeds seemed to be the same with NTFS as with exFAT.

Since NTFS seems to be well-supported and offers journaling which exFAT does not, I think it's the better choice for a hard drive in an enclosure that will be swapped back and forth between my two environments (Mac is not a factor for me).
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