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Re: [PLUG] Run VirtualBox on a VPS?

Not sure I understand...

For a Linux hosted situation, you would the Linux version of VB or the native KVM (with the QEMU user space tool) for virtual machines.

I routinely run my VM's with either VB or KVM.  You can either convert to the native formats for each or use VMware's .vmdk format for both.  I wouldn't recommend that in a production context but it good to for testing to make sure you have things right.

I haven't tried it but the kernel can do nested virtual machines...

I suspect this is not something most hosters enable but it does exist so maybe it is a matter of asking.

I'm not sure why you would do this when you can run VB natively or QEMU (with a VB container for testing but then you can convert it).  There really isn't much of a learning curve, especially if you are launching from the command line.

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This is a follow-up to my request for hosting company recommendations.   

I want to run multiple virtual servers using VirtualBox on a hosted server.   
I had assumed I could rent a virtual server instead of a dedicated server 
because my performance needs are very modest.

However, will VirtualBox run under a KVM or Xen-based virtual machine on a 
commercial server?

Casey Bralla
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