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Re: [PLUG] Fwd: [GANDI] phillylinux.org expires in 30 days

On 06/07, Michael Leone wrote:
> I remember we sometimes did PLUG meetings at that place you worked at,
> near 3rd and Chestnut. That was a long while ago. :-)

IQ Group, October 1999 to October 2000.  We started meeting there, and I
got a job as sort of a side effect.  It's all here:

Somebody should update that :)

On 06/07, Eric Lucas wrote:
> 2. Is a 10 year renewal even a thing?  Max I've seen is 3 years. Heard
> that 5 exists.

Excellent question:  Max I can renew for is 9 years.  That does not appear
to be specific to gandi:  So, $17.20 x 9 = $154.80.


On 06/07, Eric Lucas wrote:
> We collected $56.25 tonight at PLUG central.


> In the past the community put it in Darxus' control. 

At the July 2000 meeting, I said "hey, should we get our own domain?"
People said "Yes.  But who will pay?"  "Me."  And everybody thought that
was great, so I registered phillylinux.org, and payed for it for a while.
Before that, the hostname used for the website and list was
plug.nothinbut.net.  nothinbut.net was a local ISP who also hosted the
server(s) at the time.  For some time, the servers have been hosted by mct,
the other registry contact, who lives out on the West coast last I heard.

On 06/07, Ronald Guilmet (kb2tfa) wrote:
> If they have a auto renewal that would give you more ease and comfort
> going forward, it that’s an option. My domains are not with GANDI, but
> mine are auto renew with a credit card on the account, plus a transfer
> lock.

That's one of the things that seems dumb about gandi:

You can only auto-renew with a pre-payed account.  And then every time
domains get renewed, you have to log back in and re-fill that account.
What's the point?

On 06/07, Greg Helledy wrote:
> If having a petty cash fund were desirable, and an individual was felt to

If you want my opinion, I don't think it's a good idea.  I think passing a
hat around every half decade or so is just fine.  
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