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[PLUG] Suggestions for replacement of android phone: small, privacy-respecting, T-Mobile?

Today I dropped my phone. Half the screen doesn't work at all and the other half displays dimly in a few colors. It is a Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G.

This is a very old phone (released in 2012). I chose it because it was small (4" screen) and because there was a Cyanogenmod ROM available for it--I flashed it immediately on purchase.

The only real limitation I ran into over 4 years of use was a lack of onboard storage (1 GB). I have to confess I haven't kept up with the state of Android since then--specifically how much it siphons off your personal data, and how much control it gives you over what apps do on your phone.

What's a good current choice for a phone that:
1.  Is a good privacy choice
2.  Isn't too large (fits in a pants pocket easily)
3.  Isn't super expensive--having the latest is not important to me
4.  Has to be a SIM model, fully-compatible with T-Mobile

I know this isn't really a "linux" topic, so maybe just email me directly if you think that's more appropriate.


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