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Re: [PLUG] Partition Problems.

On 06/19/2017 12:03 AM, Markos Kapes wrote:
> I've got a crashed hard disk. Ext4. I've used testdisk on it to repair; when I use e2fsck on the offsets I still don't seem to get any file structure back. Is there something I'm missing? Photorec recovers data so things are there, it's just fragmentary, especially some sql dumps, so I'd rather try a fullish recovery first. 
> Thanks,
> --Markos

so, couple things. if memory serves, you shouldn't need to (or should at
all) reformat the partition once the disk's partition structure is
restored by testdisk, assuming it fully recovered the partition
structure. you might have damaged the existing filesystem in your
multiple attempts to format the partition.

that being said, photorec should be helpful- you might have to make do
with what it found (though it does only support a limited amount of
filetypes). if you absolutely need more, you can try foremost[0]. if
that doesn't work, scalpel[1]'s going to be your best bet[2]. The
ArchWiki[3] has some more tips (including Extundelete usage as well).


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