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Re: [PLUG] Router Recommendations

On 06/30/2017 11:17 AM, Thomas Delrue wrote:
> On 06/30/2017 01:18 AM, John Kreno wrote:
>> sry, correction on the buffalo, This model would better suit your
>> needs, the original post was a router with only 100 meg ports.
> Thanks for the many recommendations!
> I think I'll go with this guy and put LEDE on it. Michael Marley pointed
> out that OpenWRT hasn't had a release in 15-ish months. I did not know
> that OpenWRT was inactive. It looks like the LEDE development is much
> more active (last release was 10 days ago or so with latest commits just
> a couple of hours ago).
> Thanks

LEDE's merging back into OpenWRT[0]; don't bother. just flash OpenWRT.

OpenWRT isn't inactive, it's just on a more longterm release system (but
they regularly update the package trees/repositories).


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