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Re: [PLUG] talk idea: "Compendium of Fail"

Love the idea...  plus, we all should have plenty of content  :D

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hey all!

i was chatting with JonathanD for a bit on IRC about FOSSCON stuffs (by
the way- you should definitely go. and
simultaneously we were trying to see why he was getting a bounced email
when trying to send to one of my addresses.

i'll keep the actual root cause (and solution) for the talk, but we were
thinking of doing a lightning talk sort of thing, the Compendium of
Fail, where whomever wanted to would talk about mistakes we've made in
which we really should have known better or rare corner cases that
"NEVER should happen" actually happened, etc.

who would be interested in attending that talk, and who would be brave
enough to admit they aren't perfect and contribute to the talk?

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