Ron Guilmet on 3 Aug 2017 12:43:30 -0700

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I thought I would post this here because it seems there are a lot Amateur Radio (HAMS) in the Linux community.

I was involved years ago with the MS Bike City To Shore Ride. I just received a letter from them stating that there are 73 HAMs registered, and they need at least 125. What they are looking for is volunteers to be placed throughout the bike course. When I did it, was to quickly notify someone if medical attention or something needed to be addressed at that leg of the ride. When this was kicked off, and my friend kb2rtz and I k3rpg were involved, cell phones were not being used by us common folk. They were too expensive, so this was vital. Nonetheless, if you are looking to volunteer as a HAM, I will include the links.

Ron G

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