Sonny To on 2 Sep 2017 15:33:58 -0700

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[PLUG] slow gigbit FiOS

I have two servers one on xfinity 150mbps/10mbps in princeton,nj and the other on fios 1gbps/1gbps in Philly. when I did a speedtest on fios, i'm only getting 100mbps/100mbps. I am not sure why but suspect it could be that the cable is not cat6.  I ordered cat6 cable to see if that fixes it.

The unusual thing is the fios connection is laggy when I am using nx via ssh tunneling with compression. the xfinity ,however, is fast and responsive. I couldn't tell that I'm remote.  I expect the fios to be more responsive because the upstream is 100mbps but its almost unusable.  I'm connecting to both machines from Sofia, Bulgaria. both connection have similar latency reported via ping. can anyone offer an explanation why?
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