brent timothy saner on 13 Sep 2017 17:24:13 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Internet access in Berwyn slows to a crawl as the day wears on ...

On 09/13/2017 08:01 PM, Eric Lucas wrote:
>> it's not for the faint of heart, but this is why i built my own gateway-
>> so i can just shell in and run iptraf and see who - or what - may be
>> flooding my network.
> Oh excellent.
> When can you do that presentation at PLUG Central?
> October 4th and November 1st are both available at this time!
> Thanks,
> ;-)
> Eric

i shouldn't have said anything! heh.

but in all seriousness, i have a couple cons coming up; my speaker
circuit's currently a bit booked but maybe some time in december or
january would work best; the podcast's[0] on its annual hiatus during
those months and i'll have much more time to put together a good
presentation. if there's interest i can certainly give a talk on it.


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