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Re: [PLUG] OT: iTerm2 Leaks Everything You Hover in Your Terminal via DNS Requests

On 09/20/2017 10:47 PM, PaulNM wrote:

> To be fair it wasn't about determining valid urls, but whether or not
> there was a responding site at said url.

+1; this is something that can EASILY be done:

- without taking the time for a dns query (slow connection or resolvers?
- without the LEAKING.

by simply using a regex for a URI. heck, being that it's (mostly) in
objC, tada:

totally offline parsing, no dependencies on external speed or
connection. (i believe this is how e.g. gnome-terminal handles
in-terminal link rendering, which is why you can even do things like
clicking on

> That said, I agree the whole concept was idiotic. Requiring an internet
> connection to highlight urls is silly. Doing parsing in real time
> instead of once while the file/text/whatever is loaded/typed is even
> dumber. You don't want to waste the user's time by making it look like
> the link may be working, so instead you make them have to move the mouse
> all over the place before you check things?

yeah, this is also silly.

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