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Re: [PLUG] Reclaiming inodes

On 09/28/2017 09:48 AM, Thomas Delrue wrote:
> I appear to have "run out of inodes"? Is there a way to reclaim them?

nope. well, actually, yes - delete a bunch of files.

if this isn't an option, get yourself a fat external HDD (or mount a
second internal one), mkfs.ext4 it with a higher inode count[0], and
rsync your files there (obviously do this from a livecd, otherwise you
can properly Mess Things Up).

then re-create the filesystem on your (current) / with a higher inode
count. at your current consumption model, i'd guess something around
2205000 inodes should work.

alternatively (ideally), offload your storage for those small files to a
separate disk/partition/filesystem permanently, and make sure that
device has a super high number of inodes.


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