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[PLUG] Prototype (Fwd: Re: [ Tech Support Request ])

If you got a readable sd card with the Sparkfun Prototype, that was actually a bug.

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Rachel Rawlings
Subject: [ Tech Support Request ]

OCT 05, 2017  |  03:08PM MDT
Chris F replied:

Hello Rachel, and thanks for writing.

All I can tell you without giving anything away is that the card is actually fine and what you’re experiencing is part of the puzzle.

The first batch of cards that went out were readable on a computer when they were delivered but all the cards that went out in later batches won’t work in your computer when you receive them so if you’re seeing differences between yours and other peoples, that’s why. Keep playing and it will make sense!

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OCT 05, 2017  |  01:37AM MDT
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Rachel wrote:


Hello there! A customer has created a new technical support request.


CUSTOMER: [ https://sparkle.sparkfun.com/sparkle/customers/ ]

EMAIL: rachelneko@gmail.com

ORDER #: 3578871


NOTES: The SD card that came with my Prototype was unreadable. Is a
tarball or iso image available for download with the contents that
were supposed to be on it? I learned from IRC'ing some folks at my
local hackerspace, two of whom are also working on it, that one if
their SD cards was bad as well, really not a good rate. <penth> So my
Protype arrived with a microSD card that's not even recognized as
media by my laptop. :( <peejay[m]> Jfred had the same issue :/ Mine
worked & we copied the contents to his laptop 2 out of 3 *is* bad, in
this case Thanks, Rachel "Penth" Rawlings

-- Mr. Sparkle

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