prushik on 6 Oct 2017 07:16:51 -0700

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[PLUG] automatic emulation of other architectures?

Hey everybody,

I noticed something odd this morning. I had a C project I was working on a while ago that I wanted to pick up again. So I moved the code I had up to github and checked it out on my pinebook so that I could work on it on the go. I accidentally. included 2 compiled executables in the repo, and instead of recompiling on my pinebook, i thought i would first with test the precompiled executables.
However, pinebook is aarch64 and executables were compiled for x86_64. So i installed qemu to emulate the arch needed and tested the first executable and it worked fine.
Then, I tested the second and it also worked fine. However, the second time i forgot to invoke qemu! It looked a lot like qemu somehow still got invoked either by bash or by the kernel, but I have never heard of such a mechanism in linux before. I understand how the shebang works, but how would the os know how to invoke an emulator for another architecture?

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