Michael Hodges on 16 Oct 2017 13:33:38 -0700

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[PLUG] 13-15" CRT?

I don’t suppose anyone has an old CRT monitor they want to part with? I was looking for something in the 13-15” size, and preferably more crisp in the display, like with a flat glass Trinitron model or something. 

Basically, I’m just looking to experiment with color text graphics design on custom MOTDs at a user login, and also I’m looking to bring back my old BBS or build a new one from scratch, but this time connected via telnet on Linux, instead of serial modem and POTS lines.

I just want the native experience in 80x25 on a tube display, instead of a small window in a higher res GUI. I’d like to develop and see the ANSI menus on the BBS natively like that too. 

Also, the reason I said preferably on a more crisp display is that I have a bunch of books and code on programming games in VGA too, and might eventually want to play with that again down the road. Mostly I just want a decent monitor for text for now though. 

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