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Re: [PLUG] Securely destroy and responsibly recycling hardware

On Mon, Oct 23, 2017 at 2:28 PM, Paul Walker <> wrote:
I still imagine my hardware sitting in a landfill, waiting for the day
when our encryption standards have become trivial to bypass.

We've talked about that on this list in the past, the fact that your best-encrypted files of today could plausibly be easy to read 20 years from now. Much of the encrypted data generated won't be relevant to anything in 20 years, and no one will care about that stuff. But things of a personal nature--business dealings, relationships, etc. could still be very relevant and cause harm if disclosed.

20 years ago the dotcom era was getting underway and the internet really began to take off for the public at large (at least in the US)...people started committing larger parts of their communications into electronic format. Is it possible the coming years will see a tidal wave of personal information, long-forgotten by the authors and now easily-read, being gone through by machines, possibly assisted by some form of AI? Or have I been exposed to too much dystopian-future fiction?

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