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Re: [PLUG] Which ppd would you use?

Thanks Charlie,

It turns out we do have HPLIP installed.
However, with all of the things changing in this upgrade, we would rather not make additional changes right now (since it does not seem to be required), nor make something late even later. No one here (or within our group at work) said it would be horrible to do it like we have been doing. For this release we will leave it alone and revisit this next time.

On Monday, October 30, 2017 9:55 AM, Charlie Li <> wrote:

On 30/10/2017 09:49, crimson enk wrote:
> At work we’re migrating from CentOS 5 to 7. Our setup documentation
> (from 5) has a lpadmin command. One of the parameters is –m
> laserjet.ppd. Our install of 7 does not include laserjet.ppd.
> /usr/share/cups/model only contains pxlmono.ppd and pxlcolor.ppd.
> Both files seem to work, but should I use pxlmono.ppd that came with the
> install, or our laserjet.ppd from 2010?
Assuming your LaserJet is supported [1], have you not had HPLIP (HP
Linux Imaging and Printing) installed all this time? You should be able
to use the PPD from HPLIP instead of anything bundled with CUPS itself.


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