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[PLUG] old mobos

The culling of Chez Penth continues.

I've got six old motherboards that I've had sitting around and plan to take to the computer recycling room at work this week, unless anyone wants me to bring them to North.

They are:

* Gigabyte 770T-USB3, unpopulated

* Asus A8AE-LE (Athlon64) from an old HP desktop, w processor and 1gb mem

* Gigabyte MA-790GP-Ud4H w Athlon(2, 3, 64?) and 2 sticks of unknown size

* Asus P877V-Pro, unpopulated

* MSI KT-6 Delta w unknown AMD processor

* Asus K8S-LA (for HP) w unknown Athlon

From what I remember, either the 770T-USB3 or P877v-pro was fritzing out before I replaced it. The others are just plain old and probably still work if you want a victim for old and large 32-bit experiments.


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