Rich Kulawiec on 7 Nov 2017 07:31:14 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] small business server virtualization?

On Mon, Nov 06, 2017 at 07:32:03PM +0000, Lee H. Marzke wrote:
> There is still some concern about one VM hogging resources away from
> the others [...]

Yes, and that may, depending on the precise requirements of this
particular use case, argue for containers.  Without seeing the whole
picture, though, it's difficult to say which would be a better fit.

There is also some concern about security.  I've kept this handy
for a decade, as a pointed reminder to myself:

	"You are absolutely deluded, if not stupid, if you think that
	a worldwide collection of software engineers who can't write
	operating systems or applications without security holes,
	can then turn around and suddenly write virtualization layers
	without security holes."

    --- Theo De Raadt on the statement "Virtualization seems to have a
        lot of security benefits",, October 23, 2007

Thus my approach, which is to presume that virtualization of all types
can be an effective tool for resource management and similar tasks, but
it can't be counted on as a security enforcement mechanism.

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