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Re: [PLUG] One bug to bite us all?

On 09/11/2017 14:57, K.S. Bhaskar wrote:
> would
> seem to be hard to get away from… Also, an easy way for the No Such
> Agencies of this world to get targeted vulnerabilities into selected
> companies, countries, etc.
I've said this "privately" many times ever since I re-read the history
of the IBM PC (and clones) after fully applying the Computer
Organisation class I had to take…the x86 platform is shit. Always has
been, and given its many iterations since the original 8086/8088, always
will be. This latest revelation [vitriol redacted]
> Maybe time to switch to Linux on ARM!
I would actually back the new, industry- *and* academia- developed,
architecture, RISC-V, instead. Probably one of the only completely open
instruction set architectures out there.

Charlie "has had enough vitriol to spew for the week" Li

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