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Re: [PLUG] Revision Control for the Rest of Us

On 11/15/2017 04:35 PM, Thomas Delrue wrote:
On 11/15/2017 04:19 PM, Rich Freeman wrote:
The cartoon sums up git relatively well.  It is a brilliant data
structure masquerading as an application.  You really need to grok the
former to get much use from it.

And that's why I prefer Mercurial over git...because it 'gits' out of my

Yes, to do anything non-trivial in Git you need to understand way too much of the guts. And those guts don't abstract to a mental model well (arguably, at all). Chainsaws and razorblades. And damn it, mutable history is a BUG not a feature (unless your project is at the scope and scale of the Linux kernel)!

I'll cover Git, Hg and Bazaar, which it turns out is not quite dead yet, that's something I need to update. I very much like Bzr for the tools. And etckeeper & meld which are both related and awesome.

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