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Re: [PLUG] Revision Control for the Rest of Us

On 11/15/2017 09:17 PM, JP Vossen wrote:
>> On 11/15/2017 08:30 PM, brent timothy saner wrote:
>>> On 11/14/2017 10:56 PM, JP Vossen wrote:
>>>> Proposed for next week at PLUG West:
>>>> Revision Control for the Rest of Us *
>>>> * SysAdmins, scripters and anyone who is not a full-time Real
>>>> Programmer™
>>>> If you use a computer, you probably do something that revision control
>>>> can help with.  If you are a system administrator or scripter, you
>>>> *should* be using a revision control tool.  But which one?  Git
>>>> unquestionably won the war, and also...Github and GitLab.  But is Git
>>>> the right tool for you?
>>>> I'm going to update and tweak some things between now and next week,
>>>> but
>>>> basic spoiler alert:
>>> just a minor point of note:
>>> ODF is XML-based! it's plaintext! :) the benefits you'd *get* from a
>>> diffing VCS are less than, say, a python script, but it isn't a binary
>>> format and still lets you roll between different revisions of the doc
>>> without entirely different blobs. (OOXML, despite the name, however, is
>>> indeed a binary format - it's zipped XML.)
>>> (when discussing the binary stuff, i'd also mention these:
>>> )
> OpenOffice/LibreOffice docs are also zipped up XML and stuff.  You can
> unzip them and do stuff, but they don't work well in a VCS.  Asciidoc,
> Markdown, <wiki mark-up, mark-down of your choice> for the win.
> Later,
> JP

JP and I accidentally went off-list on this, but I wanted to say he's
actually absolutely correct! see below.

__________(off-list reply)____________
+1 on asciidoc, personally, but you're absolutely correct! i was
actually thinking of .fodt (.fods etc.), the "Flat XML" variant (which
open natively in LibreOffice with no change necessary.

of course, i suppose you COULD be aggressive about it and add a
pre-commit hook to do an:

soffice --headless --convert-to fodt *.odt

(or- and i know you're a perl guy, i'm sure there's an equivalent0 since
git hooks can run any script/binary... a python script using odfpy or
something would probably give more control: )

but anyways, right! good point, i was thinking of fod*, not od*. :)

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