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Re: [PLUG] My domain's .htaccess file is giving me fits

On 07/12/2017 11:23, wrote:
> Apache tells me that HostnameLookup is set to |on| by default in
> Apache 2.4, which doesn't make sense, because it slows down the
> server response. It also doesn't make sense because it hides the
> IP addresses of the Bad Guys. Maybe I can fix it with the following
> .htaccess directive for Apache 2.4:
HostnameLookups is Off by default.
> <Limit HEAD>
> Require all denied
> Require ip [redactedpersonal_IP_address]
> </Limit>
You could put a whole bunch of Require not ip
directives, replacing the IP/range with the actual ones to block.

IPdeny has lists of IP blocks by country that you can use in your
configuration directives:
> or should I use this syntax, used by earlier versions of Apache ?
Don't use that older syntax; it's deprecated unless you load the module
that sounds like auth_compat, and even that's practically deprecated.

Charlie "it must be slow season in Tuscon" Li

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