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[PLUG] Brian Kernighan speaking at Drexel on February 19

I mentioned this at Central last night, but I wanted to let every on
the list know that Brian Kernighan will be speaking at Drexel's
Computer Science department next Monday, February 19, on the topic of
Digital Humanities. Dr. Kernighan is currently a professor at
Princeton, but he's more well known for his work at Bell Labs, where
he worked on the development of Unix as well as the C and AWK
programming languages. I've had the chance to hear him talk about his
work with humanities students before, and I'm happy to report that
he's a very engaging speaker.

Unfortunately his talk is scheduled for 11 AM, which isn't a
convenient time for many people. But if you can make it, there will
probably be a reception and free lunch afterwards.

The talk is free, but they ask you to register at


You can also find the talk abstract and location at that URL.


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