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Re: [PLUG] VOIP texting - was Help with Postfix SASL auth to smarthost on RedHat distro

Allow me to provide a, shall we say, younger generation's point of view…

On 18/02/2018 11:42, Lee H. Marzke wrote:
> OK,  so  WhatsApp seems to work with a number other than your cell
> number,  but this is still only useful for those people
> running the WhatsApp.     I'll give at try for a while looks like it has
> a good amount of features.  I notice that most of my
> WhatsApp connections have not been online for days - so maybe they just
> tried it, but don't have the app running on startup ?
WhatsApp is generally more popular outside the US and Canada, where SMS
isn't unlimited like it is with full post-paid cellular plans here.
Pretty much the only people I know who've even publicly disclosed that
they have a WhatsApp are those who don't feel like paying international
roaming charges while they're abroad studying, vacationing or otherwise
assigned there for other reasons.
> I'm looking for a method for one messaging service that I can reach  on
> the desktop or mobile,  just like I have one VOIP number
> that I can answer from office or mobile.  Is their a good reliable
> android app for   XMPP/jabber  ,  as I know Pidgin works great on the
> Desktop.
Not gonna happen.

The choice of messaging service is highly, if not solely, determined by
your immediate social circle(s). Those who have iPhones tend to swear by
iMessage, which is effectively an overlay to SMS when all participants
use iOS or macOS. Some technical people (me included) and journalists
use Signal because it affords forward encryption when all participants
are using it, otherwise it's just another SMS app; I believe there
exists a desktop Signal client but it's a heavy Node.js/Chromium-based
program. I have even more people on GroupMe, there's Snapchat that I
refuse to use so I'm left in the dust there, the list goes on.

At the end of the day for the most personal or immediate matters,
between two people, it's still good ol SMS with a telephone number.
Maybe throw in iMessage or Signal on top but that's about it.

There are a ton of XMPP clients for Android, however. You will have to
try them out to see what you like. Almost like picking out an Android
IRC client but with way more selection.
> I can reply to the SMS email,  and a reverse SMS is sent back to the
> originator.
> Probably your best bet for the most compatibility without having to
install/register for everything that different people use.

Charlie "mismatch compiler and binutils? You're gonna have a bad time" Li

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