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Re: [PLUG] Thunderbird email client ignores Reply-To field...

On 21/06/2018 15:58, Fred Stluka wrote:
> Thunderbird users who post to PLUG,
> I just noticed that some of my replies to this list never got here.
> The reason is that a recent upgrade of my Thunderbird email
> client started ignoring Reply-To fields in emails from mailing
> lists like PLUG.  So replies go only to the From field (the original
> poster), not the Reply-To field (the PLUG list).
> This was an intentional change by the Thunderbird developers.
> I'm not sure why, and I've asked them to change it back.  See
> details here:
> -
I'm running 52.8.0 (soon 52.9.0). There is a "reply list" button when
Thunderbird detects a mailing list, which populates the To header with
the mailing list address instead of the poster's.

Charlie "slacking on emails lately" Li

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