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[PLUG] COBOL again

We've talked about this a few times, especially after one of Walt's COBOL talks:

I just started wondering about this though, just because the language is Cobol doesn't mean modern techniques can't be used. Can you do this remote? Is the code in Git? Can there be unit tests, CI, and all of that good stuff? COBOL linters?


What Cobol is even used? The Mint repos have "Open COBOL" but that "translates COBOL into C and compiles the translated code using GCC" which feels like cheating. Presumably production is IBM COBOL or related, so I wonder how close the two are. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that a Linux test/dev system would be a tad cheaper than a Z-series...

Huh, it doesn't seem like there are a lot of options:

There are lots of books on Amazon (including, seriously, _COBOL for Dummies_) but many seem out of print or insanely expensive (or both).

Has anyone done this or checked the job boards for COBOL?

Just random musings...
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