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Re: [PLUG] adventures in MIDI

And for something related but quite different:

On 1/18/19 7:32 PM, Keith C. Perry wrote:

Not to discourage anything you are doing but in my studio, I use Muse ( for MIDI and audio sequencing for around 15 years.  That, even more than Ardour, would be the center of any major studio project I would take on at this point.

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Subject: [PLUG] adventures in MIDI

After misfortunes with various Linux music-composition programs (Nted
kept forgetting notes and rests during playback, and lacked
"articulations", Rosegarden declared my laptop with Fluidsynth "not a
sane setup", Canorus was buggy and required too much to compile), I
nosed around in libasound.

It took a bit of trial and error to truly understand the online
documentation, but I was able to write a PoC that did an arpeggio.

Two weeks forward, if that long, I am approaching a working prototype of
a far-less-absentminded composition program written with GtkMM. From
where I sit, GNU C++ is not what it was in 1992.

Depending on how this works out, what I've learned about "talking to
sequencers" and/or "practical GtkMM" could be material for at least a
Lightning talk.
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