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Re: [PLUG] Security Camera Recommendations?

+1 for Lee's points... Ubiquity & using PoE.

+1 again PoE because if you're serious about security you want it wired. Please don't take offense to this statement. I'm in an old Quaker house and running wiring in it in was/is and epic p.i.t.a. so I get it but piece of mind is paramount for a security system and if its wifi you really can't have it.

Vendors... I would also look at HIKVision and LTS. They both a wide variety of wired and wireless (if you really want to go that way).

On February 18, 2019 3:00:36 PM EST, "Lee H. Marzke" <> wrote:
Wifi basically not recommended ,   use POE for single cable.

Lots of people use Ubiquity.   I haven't used their camera yet, but the have instructions for
recording on Linux here:


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Subject: [PLUG] Security Camera Recommendations?
I'm interested in installing some outdoor security cameras and could use some recommendations.

I'm looking for ones that:
* Are relatively easy to install (I know I'll have to get power out there some how)
* Use wifi (don't want more cables than necessary)
* Works in Linux (obviously :D)
* Doesn't force you to register with an online cloud provider
* Has ir / night vision.

Anyone use any outdoor cameras they could recommend? 

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