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Re: [PLUG] Philly Tech Week / PLUG Happy Hour?

On 13/03/2019 12:19, Keith C. Perry wrote:
> Last week at PLUG Central two ideas were floated in regards to what PLUG
> could do to participate in Philly Tech Week.  Those ideas were:
> 1) have an additional PLUG meeting that week since its one of those
> months where there is a week between PLUG Central and North
> 2) do a PLUG happy hour at one of the bars / restaurants in the city
> during that week
> Most of the room seemed to feel that a PLUG happy hour would be the best
> idea since it has the potential to raise awareness of our group. 
> Another point was since there would be a higher likelyhood that PLUGers
> who don't normally interact could meet up since they might be in the
> city anyway.
> Charlie Li has been interacting with the planners so if we want to do
> something, hopefully he can get us on the events grid.
I just got an email from saying that we have been accepted
into Tech Week. We have our own event on Wednesday 8 May from 7:00 to
9:00 p.m. They also gave me access to their Eventbrite to advertise our
event (not that it matters for *us* per se). In any case, this would
just be an additional PLUG meeting between Central and North in May.

Since we have our own event and time slot, we can make it whatever we
want to. The initial application I submitted to them was intentionally
vague but definitely covered the lines of intro to open source, meet and
greet with local open source leaders, stuff like that. So a happy hour,
should we choose to go that route, wouldn't be too off base from that
initial description.

Charlie "dunderland connoisseur" Li

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