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Re: [PLUG] Neat BSD info

JP Vossen wrote:
> Anyone interested in BSD will probably like these, I found them quite
> interesting and enjoyable to read.
As the resident BSD connoisseur (besides dvl, of course), how could I
not say something…
> * 2019:
Before I started reading this one, my initial reaction was actually
about how good the OpenBSD drivers are. Only a very select few of their
drivers interface with a firmware blob (out of necessity); that just
tells you how much of it is "we love doing Unix". In fact, my laptop's
SD card reader works on OpenBSD, but not FreeBSD because the driver
exists on the former but not the latter.

Fuck it, I had a long arse passage written, but I'm definitely feeling
doing a talk, coming to a PLUG North near you. It only helps that more
people have been bugging me wrt my work with porting the latest Cinnamon
desktop environment (4.0) to FreeBSD, because people *really* like using
Cinnamon (to the point where Cinnamon is the last thing preventing them
from using FreeBSD on the desktop outright). Challenge accepted; "*BSD
or Linux on the laptop". Walt, take note.
> * 2015:
BeOS. Now that's a blast from the past.
> I feel like the learning curve is a feature, not a bug, intended to keep newcomers away. OpenBSD is unapologetically elitist. Honestly, I don't mind that. I've been administering systems for more than a decade and not all environments are for everybody.
THANK YOU. Informed users are the best users.
> * Old (pre Git):
This is required reading for anyone even considering BSD from the Linux
world. It still rings true today.

Charlie "The Final Meltdown is very Linuxy" Li

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