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Re: [PLUG] PLUG Fusion room or DMR Talkgroup

On Fri, May 17, 2019 at 2:19 PM Keith C. Perry
<> wrote:
> I hear you but not everyone is built that way.  In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if newer hams were overwhelmed by this thread.

I think some of it is about topic as well.  I mean, I can listen on
any local repeater anytime I want to, but I rarely end up doing so.
I'd probably be more likely to monitor a PLUG group, because I feel
like I have more in common with the people on it.  But, who knows how
it would work in reality...

> What I was planning on doing this weekend was setting installing the YSF reflector and XLXd software on one of my servers (or building a new one- I'm cleaning up IP assignments I might just dedicate one to this).  YSF registration is quick from what I read but the DMR registration sound like it might take longer.

I don't think you need to register a DMR ID to set up a BM talkgroup.
All the traffic just uses the individual operator IDs.  You would just
request a group ID from BM, and then you're in the directory and
anybody can talk on that group.

But, no harm in setting up YSF.

> In reviewing this again, it looks like ABME is not needed for YSF <--> DMR crosslinking.  I would just need to register another DMR id for the XLXd server.

For the bridge you might need a DMR ID.  I'm not sure exactly how that
works.  I guess YSF traffic over the bridge would use the DMR ID of
the bridge, and that couldn't be your own DMR ID if you might also run
DMR on some other talkgroup at the same time.

> Then again, I don't think I need to provide this because anyone running a hotspot would just select the YSF room (after turning on YSF of course) and turn on DMR2YSF.  Fusion is much simpler to deal with anyway.

I find Fusion a pain to deal with, because I can't monitor more than
one TG at a time, and switching TGs requires going into the innards of
my hotspot config to switch settings.  It just isn't as native to DMR
which makes it less convenient, which is saying something considering
how inconvenient DMR is to begin with.  Plus I'm not sure how the
hotspot will handle it if Fusion and DMR are both active at the same
time and which takes priority - with DMR I believe it will give
priority to whatever group you were last transmitting on.

That said, because I avoid Fusion as much as possible I don't normally
monitor it all, so being limited to monitoring only the PLUG group
isn't a huge limitation.  Just let me know when you have the details
on your reflector - I might need to manually configure it until it
gets published in a software update/etc.

> That said... what should we call this?
> My suggestion, per
> name "US PLUG"
> description "The Philly LUG"

Seems reasonable.

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