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Re: [PLUG] Let's talk about certificate authorities

On 6/12/19 3:18 PM, JP Vossen wrote:
> Here is some of my cheat sheet for the next time I have to do that same
> thing.  I'm not aware of any GUI stuff, but that's also not what I look
> for.  I'd be interested to hear your thoughts and results.  Preso?

FWIW, there are some GUIs:

but i generally encourage people to use the openssl CLI utility to
manage their PKI/CA, at least until they get a hang of how the process

i personally like using the OpenSSL module for python[0] for
creating/managing CAs.

another neat thing is Vault[1] has built-in CA functionality[2] if you
need something that has a web GUI, CLI utility, and a REST API. but
again, i recommend one starts with doing it with openssl CLI first to
get familiar with the general process.


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