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[PLUG] Collegeville Linux Administrator Job Opening.

Data in Science DST) has been Administering my companies relatively small High Performance Computing cluster and are looking to hire another Linux Administrator from the Philly Linux User Group community. Based on 4 years of experience with a several of there staff members, they seem to be a good group of people to work with and about a year ago they hired a Philly Plug member for a Junior Systems Administrator Position at the same location, whom may have better insight into working with them. (I don't think I have ever met that PLUG member but I may have.)

 I know the job description is currently vague, this is because the DST's customer is interest in a wider range of potential candidates than last years Jr. Administrator hire. It is my understanding that they aren’t requiring you to have previous High Performance Cluster administration experience as they will provide train in their environment. In addition to what is posted you will be expected to do Linux OS, hardware maintenance, installation and to directly interact with their customers research community. I have not checked this week but as of mid last week they had not posted an official Job listing on any Job sites. If you are interested you should directly contact Debbie Willbanks of DST. (Contact information below.) 

The following is what they asked me to post.

Data in Science is looking  for Linux system administrators to work in a Biopharma research computing environment.  We serve large HPC clients doing cutting edge research.  This position is located in Collegeville, PA onsite with one of the largest Biopharma organizations in the world.  DST provides on going training in tools, best practice methodologies and on going support for the candidate selected.  We serve the research community directly and not the IT department.  We offer the opportunity to learn parallel file systems, scientific computing and schedulers.


Deborah Willbanks


-Alex Kohr
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