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Re: [PLUG] Restic backup & TimeShift

Mint 17 is pretty ancient, and all support for it ended back in April. Considering Timeshift was launched with Mint 19, the current LTS, I'm not all that surprised that it doesn't work right on 17.

Might want to give it another shot on a more up to date install, but you should update that box regardless. You haven't been getting any security updates for four months, since April 25.  

On Tue, Jul 17, 2018 at 2:47 PM JP Vossen <> wrote:
Thanks to Lee for some great info last night at PLUG West.

To follow up on some discussion, here are some links about Restic I've
found helpful:
*  (Go)
* Restic (repo) wrapper:
        * Lots of great details!
* minio is an open source object storage server compatible with Amazon
        * (Go)

I use BackupPC as my main backup tool and that has worked very well for
many years, but that's on-site to disk.  So I also use BoxBackup for
critical stuff to a server at my Mom's house.  BoxBackup does *exactly*
the same things as Restic, it's just a bit more complicated to set up
and use.  Both are in the Debian/whatever repos.

We didn't get to talk about it, but Linux Mint has released "TimeShift"
which is basically Mac Time Machine for Linux, implemented using `rsync`
and hardlinks (like a whole bunch of other similar tools) or BTRFS.  But
it has a very nice GUI wizard and management tool that makes it
drop-dead simple.

I've played with it a little, but I already have enough backup
strategies.  It also _sounds_ great, but it's not clear to me how you
recover if something goes bad enough that you can't boot.  I imagine
there are CLI recovery methods if you can boot to a recovery shell or a
previous kernel, but I haven't investigated.

HA, that's interesting.  I just tried to run it on my Mint-17 desktop
and it told me I don't have enough free space.  I get "Not enough disk
space (< 534.5 GB)" on my 1TB disk (that's really an mdadm mirror on 2x
1TB disks).  Oh well...


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